The Palette of Malaysia


Malaysia, a nation in Southeast Asia, represents a successful example of unity in diversity. Her people have, over a period of time, nurtured similarities but celebrated differences, leading to a dynamic culture that is constantly evolving.


It is a fusion of colours on a palette, carefully blended into something that is truly, uniquely Malaysian. The colours of each culture, each race and religion, each tradition, is brought together to create Malaysia’s diverse heritage. This fusion of cultures can be seen from its assimilation in architecture, music and architecture, to the attires and festivals that are jointly celebrated by all Malaysians.


An artist blends the colours he needs for a painting on a palette. A palette, is where a stunning painting, a masterpiece, begins, from the mixing and blending of colours. Without the palette, colours are not able to be combined to form different shades and tones to bring a picture to life.


Malaysia’s array of unique cultures are like colours on a palette, made up of many different races, traditions and religions. Purple is still distinctly purple whether it comes in the shade or lavender, mauve or violet. Similarly, each culture is carefully incorporated into all the other cultures, yet remains distinctly different, just like colours on a palette. Malaysia exists only with this wonderful array of cultures carefully blended together. Only with this cultures coming together as one, is Malaysia truly brought to life, being truly united in diversity, painting a dazzling picture of a nation that we have come to love and cherish.


We proudly present to you “The Palette of Malaysia”. We hope you will find this site informative, and that through this site, you will come to know and understand what makes Malaysia truly special and unique.